Membership : Young Athlete Induction

For young athletes Tipton Harriers has an induction programme that will introduce someone to the various aspects of the sport. It normally takes place on Tuesday & Thursday evenings over a six week period.

It begins with a walk round of the facilities at the Academy and an introduction to the various groups members & coaches.

The youngsters are then allocated to a specific group to begin their athletics experience.

The cost of the induction is £4 per week (a total of £24 for the full six weeks). This allows the newcomer to attend twice a week, on both Tuesdays & Thursday's. At the end of the six week period they are then asked if they wish to join the club. If so they must pay the full membership rate for their age group/category. The £24 that they have already paid is "discounted" off the full membership fee.

If the induction begins later in the membership year, typically after 1st October, then the £24 will be normally be discounted off any reduced membership rate in place for the remaining months of the current membership year.